Catch the candy [Unmodified game]


A fun loving little creature, similar to the cute little monster of Cut the rope,

This game renders real physics engine and is a good addictive game.

Download this fun loving game and enjoy it on your Wave smartphones. this application was initially made for iphone/ipad and android users. Now bada users can also enjoy this game. Enjoy

This game appeared on Samsung apps store on 9th august 2012 and is in its initial version. (0.0.1) this game is for 50 INR

Here Are some screenshots



Here is the Trailer

If you have any problems in spoofing, follow this tutorial below


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’


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  • toprung

    wow thank

    • acelakshay

      can u tell me where to get this “bada certificate”

  • tayeb05

    thank you DK

  • kktkaran

    nice game

  • reds

    link is not working update link

  • angel_heart

    plz mediafire link

  • TrooperFX

    link works, but 1 download a day is shitty. cuz its now 0:28 so i need to wait more :((

    but i have solution, download tor browser or a ip hider ;)

  • someone

    Please, mediafire link

  • Anik

    any other link pls

  • Elania (Brasil)

    Not downloading. Complicated. Non has another link?
    Thank you.