Turko CFW V6.1 + Android 4.0.4 (Beta) + Spoof : Wave I (European and Asian languages)

i don’t own the firmware i just share it all credits go to hero355 !!

Enjoy !! :)

this time for both European and Asian languages, and also added csc 

 Firmware Version:XELF1

 CSC Version: C?SLF1

 Bada Version: 2.0 

Compatible Phone Model: S8500 WAVE

Change log :

  • Social Hub Premium activated (for all CSC-s)
  • Exclusive!! Opera Mini for Bada-Bi is included in one of these CFW
  • spoof works
  • m.Facebook.com-the images are monitored
  • Corrected Turkish calculator division operation in CSC-V5
  • CSC and ShpApp reduced
  • Origo Browser NAME was restored again
  • This version is slightly different from the previous version  ICS are very stable in the menu
  • Changed Tones On and Off
  • Iphone ring tone Added
  • Analog clock, memo, calendar widget Deleted
  • Smart Search buttonu added to the main menu
  • Samsung Apps Undeleted
  • Better Ram management all HD Games work without restarting the phone 
  • China, Korea and has been deleted as unnecessary heal Asian Language symbols Ram (CSC V1 version only)
  • Fixed a bug 
  • Route66 has been recovered.
  • Clipped Bootscreeni seconds (for quick opening)
  • Changed to BadaDroid Bootlogo
  • Front Camera buttonu activated
  • I deleted all the unnecessary apps in 
  • The Java application is running in the background at the same time now I know 5
  • Each button active the screen active.
  • Automatic system date as the beginning of 2012
  • Automatic battery as a percentage of the active
  • Automatic brightness settings
  • GPS now works faster.
  • Supporting the Windows Default Closed
  • Place of applications in the display and menu-Changed
  • Memory card as Default Installation Location
  • Bluetooth Remote SIM mode is activated.
  • Background light for 60 seconds (original setting)
  • European Language and 55 in Europe CSC 32 percent and 11 and 28 CSC Mea & Asian Language Support
  • Limit to 150 removed from the SMS and MMS.
  • the Limit of 5 MB for MMS was raised to 10 MB
  • radio FM works without earphone
  • the operator removed from profile Information bar.
  • to change the CSC* # 5239870 * # then  preconfig code_ operator is selected, then> * # 27 236 * # writtenTOUR selected.
  • Fixed a very low start ringing when a call comes at the beginning.

Turko CFW V6.1 : Download link

If you want to install the apps given below use Spoofing apps method

Download it from below:

Samsungapps Download link

Instant messenger Download link

New Music Hub Download link

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  • medo

    does it have Arabic language ??

  • jalallrockin

    plz send me this frimware with asian languge on my wave 2

  • jalallrockin

    plz send me this frimware with asian languge on my wave 2 my http://www.facebook.com/jalallrockin

  • deeps_17

    you removed samsung apps itself :O

    • osama elgabry

      you can add it by spoofing

  • deeps_17

    what do you mean by “m.Facebook.com-the images are monitored”

    that means ur fw will track our photos from facebook? :O

  • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

    Full working screendrivers for wave 1 download here!!


    • deeps_17

      we already did :D
      its perfect

      and yes a post is coming up regarding this :D

    • shinki0016

      this fixes the screen touch alignment?

      • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

        it works 100% now. you can also check at settings -> developer settings -> 6th box

        then you will have a mouse and you can check your whole screen

  • hero355

    Fixed arabic Problem

    Added New CSC V7 Only for Arabic,Urdu,Persian users.While Flashing Please Use This CSC file

    Added Wave 3 Market apps


    P.S Now I’m going to do for Wave II


    • sigma

      hi hero355

      I need some help I have dowloaded the TurkoCFW V6 Europe + Android 4.0.4 (ICS Beta) by Hero355

      So I wanted to know how to flash it I am currently using bada 2.0

      Please guide me if this the correct method to flash it to android 4.0.4 (ICS Beta) by Hero355

      1) Using downloader V5.65 select LSI and Full download
      2)Boot——>Select BOOTFILES folder
      3)Amss—–>Select amss.bin
      4)Apps—–>Select apps_compressed.bin
      5)Rsrc1—->Select Rsrc_S8500_Hero355_BadaDroid.rc1
      6)Rsrc2—->Select Rsrc2_S8500_Hero355_BadaDroid(Low).rc2
      7)Factory FS—->Select FactoryFs_S8500_Hero355_BadaDroid.ffs
      8)SHP APP—>Select ShpApp_Hero355_BadaDroid.app
      9)FOTA—>Select bplib_S8500_Hero355_armlinux_boot.fota
      10)CSC—> I dont know which file to select from CSC_Preconfigurations_Europe folder
      Please help me on that I am from India my langauge used on the phone is always english so which file shall i select?

      And then just click dowload right after I have my CSC file

      Please do reply and advise me if this is the correct method to install or flash

      Eagerly waiting for your reply

    • Iftikhar

      Download the CSC file from the link
      Open MultiLoader_V5.65 and flash the downloaded CSC file. Connect the Wave 1 in downloading form and press DOWNLOAD button on the MultiLoader_V5.65.

      Now the mobile will be showing URDU and ARABIC language

  • http://maaafe.wix.com/awfus aminewalha

    spoof don’t work :s

  • Manoj

    in android does calling works ??
    means can we make and receive calls,send sms ??

    • septimus

      it dont, there no finished modem drivers yet :(

  • http://sanjiban.net sanjiban

    Thanks for this type of effort.
    Can i install all apps for android?? Like Koi fish, spb shell etc? Can i call/messaging with android?
    Bada 2 is faster??

    Please let me know. Actually I am waiting for your wave2 version.
    You are really hero.

  • Manish

    hey pls make it for wave 2 also….can’t wait anymore…. :P


  • yo9211

    it says android (beta)…does dat mean calling works???

  • Salem

    can you build one for Vi language? we have alot of people who use bada. please.

  • Moreth

    This seems like a nice cfw, however, I have a few questions:

    • Moreth

      disregard this post please, misclicked.

  • Moreth

    This seems like a nice cfw, however, I have a few questions:
    What is enabled in this version and what isn’t? (GSM, SD card, etc.)

    Does it have any bugs currently?(drivers, features, etc.)

    And finally, what appstore does it use? ( Android Market, Samsung Apps or only by spoofing?)

  • Vito

    how do you start Android??

    • http://www.badadownload.com Shashank

      just hold the call end button and call receive button simultaneously for 5-8 secs after that just wait for the badadroid logo.

      • Vito

        I just tried this but Android doesn’t start

      • skparya

        done what you have said ,but it just restarts into bada? plz help

      • hellgate

        hey bro, can u tell me how to install this FW without installing ICS. & is there any way to change the option “Each button active the screen active”
        thank you

  • George

    seriously what does this function means? -m.Facebook.com-the images are monitored???

  • kevin

    what’s the difference from turko v6 (the other post)?

  • VoDa

    Hi Guys…
    I have one question about “”Each button active the screen””
    Because its very stupid feature, perhaps if u put the phone into pants pocket my phone lighting everytime and my legs calling my friends from my pocket … How can i change it in firmware to the default one locking button.. I tried to edit many files in your firmware with Wave_Remaker_NEW_0_2_8 before flashing, but nothing change.
    Where i can change it in the firmware?
    Thank U many times for your great work and time… U are the god!!!


  • koko

    i did everything in flashing correctly as iam used in flashing steps >>> but this time my wave stuck on bada logo screen with no respone >>> android worked very well but cant read SD card >>> iam used csc_7_arabic from this post

    plz help >>>

  • Youssef

    how to install it !!

  • Sebastien

    Can I flash with this firmware if my wave 1 is actually in bada1.2 ?

  • Jordi

    Good work, hero355. Actually I only flash my Wave with your firms (FOP). Each new version is better than previous. Go on!!

    We hope early good news about the end of project ICS 4.0 for getting fully functional Android in our Wave. Thanks.

  • Simone

    Excuse me should i follow a particular flashing guide?
    or the presence of android doesn’t matter?

  • ceilings

    where is navigation apps? can u give me link to download it?

  • Simone

    Emails don’t work good..

  • Jordi

    All works good! Run Bada and then Android, Google Play works good and also download/install whatsapp (By WiFi), but after that, run Bada and it did not recognice tha SD memory and keeps show a message windows “Insert the memory card when is installed the application”.

    Does Android formated the memory card? where is the mistake?
    The apps of this two OS can´t be in the same memory card?

    It´s a very good CFW! Thanks!

  • http://sd bauss

    I have flashed all files succesfully but i cant start android.
    Spoofing works in bada also fine but when i press call recieve + call end for up to 10 s ..nothing happens :(

    • http://sd bauss

      ok i was able to start android ..its rly nice
      a lot of things are working great work

      when i try to start whatzapp i get an error which says i should remove battery and restart phone but that doesnt fix the problem :/
      is whatzapp not working in this version ?

  • HjAngel

    Spoof doesn’t work:(

    • http://sd bauss

      1. you have to run the modified BadaCertificate http://www.mediafire.com/?agz550n86lmkasj
      then you can spoof without problems..
      but hwo can i start android ????

      • eman76

        to start android : power on by pressing call + end about 10 second, i tried it it works except sim card not detected.
        hey did success with spoofing apps? it seems like you did hehehe. i can’t download Samsung Apps.7z

        the link has broken http://www.eyesfile.com/z1pdr8xitylf/Samsung Apps.7z

        can you give any active link plzz? thanks

  • shinki0016

    On bada boot: does this include KOREAN language support and input?

  • Mus

    How to Start android ??????

    • eman76

      press call + end about 10 second, i tried it it works except sim card not detected

      • Mus

        It Stops on “android” and it doesn’t continue

  • http://geeklantis.com/ raj

    so is this bada and android dual boot?

    • Mus


  • sAm

    gyz…plz help….how to boot android??? i tried by “press call + end about 10 second”…..but stil it dosnt boot…plz help…thnz :)

    • eman76

      try 20 second bro, i did that without problem

    • eman76

      first press call + end about 12 second (nothing happend yet) then just wait 20 second, it will boot android

  • Dhanush Kulkarni

    I’ve successfully installed this version.
    But every now and then, my phone does this strange behaviour : without connecting a data cable,the phone continously shows it is connecting and disconnecting via usb !!!!
    it says “initializing,connected” and then after two seconds says “disconnected” !!!!
    the thing is, I HAVENT EVEN CONNECTED A DATA CABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what should I do ????

  • Tyler

    Can anyone give me not from deposit file link cuz i cant use the link . pls give me mediafire link thx

  • Almed22

    how do i install the zImage driver? I can’t find it in my phone memory.

  • Kowa

    Kies can not connect this FW for S 8500 why?

  • http://facebook.com/Utkarshthestar Utkarsh

    can any 1 tell me how to install this and memory card and calling works with this versionturko cf

  • chandu

    Friends plz tell me about the battery backup for this firmware …kitna dati hey?

  • Nour(EGY)

    can i install it without installing the andriod part ?

  • hany taye

    hi,flashed this rom works fine looks fine but a problem appeared i canot call any one “in bada”i receive call but when i try to call it do nothing i press the hard key or the on screen key nothing happens absolutely nothing flashed 3 times with latest for mea “Egypt” donne hard reset the same so any help will be appreciated,thanks

  • denoman

    ik have a probleem my q buttons is not working

  • denoman

    hey how can you delete your old flash on your fhone because i have some badadroid from polishblood

  • luca

    This firmware is fast and light, after deleting Android files… Although too many times different applications, such as Navmii, or ChatOn (1.8.0) crash and don’t run.
    Thank you Hero335 for your work!

  • mark

    how to install this without the android part?

  • Mo’taz Hisham

    where is the folder “CSC_Preconfigurations_ASIA”…?

  • abhimanyu

    plz plz plz made it for 8530 too

  • Vedant

    What about the battery life?

  • amar

    @DK i have flashed with this version, but their is big problem with bada.
    It only has samsung apps on home screen nothing else, I mean no menu icon, key pad icon.
    I am not able to use bada because of this

  • mare123

    Hey.. when i want to run ICS on my wave 1 my phone says FOTA OUTPUT ENABLED and something else.. but it doesnt work… i mwan it wont turn on.. do you have any suggestions?

  • wing

    thanky very much
    I am from KSA
    the rom is good
    but I can’t make calls
    when I dial a number its do no response
    and when I play a video a message appear “unable to play during call”
    can you give me the solution?

  • http://www.techxtreme.in arpan

    Hi , Is this better than the Turko v5 ?
    Thanks :)

  • rad

    hi all …. i han problem with spoof ,,, i han erorr:0112… plz help


    How do i delete the android?

  • rad

    hi all …. how can i csc arabic downloa

  • Aditya41115

    touch problem in left side

  • Nitz

    Is this firmware(Bada + Android) available for wave 2-S8530…….

  • Vedant

    flashed my phone with this one but the default CSC is KOR … and I entered the code *#272*HHHH# for the CSC pre configurations but I can’t find INU(Indian CSC) there…
    Please help.. where can I find Indian CSC?
    Also, I can’t restore my data back to my phone.. Kies just says there was some error… and the phone reboots… Help guys…

  • Rick

    Hey i have installed this its every is still same and no android however I have lost all my contacts and messages and game

  • wave s8500 turko v8

    any success for ya’all??? installed android 2.3 and got the battery bug :@@ now i am installing officail firmware THEN installing this turko v6.1 (dont like turko v8) THEN hopfully tru android 4.0.4 buh only downside is NO F****ING MODEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but good work guys :DD

  • canh

    Language VIETNAMESE ???

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