Htc One X Style Clock Widget

Here is the most beautiful clock widget from Htc One X to your Bada devices

This widget is created by ABHI

This Widget is Supported by following wave Devices:

  • Wave 525 (Bada 1.0)
  • Wave 533 (Bada 1.0)
  • Wave 575 (Bada 1.0)
  • Wave 578 (Bada 1.0)
  • Wave 723 (Bada 1.0)
  • S5380 Wave Y (Bada 2.0)
  • S7250 Wave M (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave II (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave III (Bada 2.0)
  • Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)

This widget may appear small in size in wave 1,2 and 3


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  • KLalee86

    To small on Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0) :(

  • ThePhoneFreak

    meteor clock also nice :D

  • Tyr

    Abhi, man! if you share my widget… another time type the same as I do! I created this, so…

    for others:
    This widget is just for smaller waves (240×400)

    regards: Tyr

  • sharath

    i want bada 1 for s5800 can any one help

  • Nikola

    It’s small for me too my phone is wave y how can i change size of it

  • lacquos

    i think it has a little bug ! Sometime the hours indicator blocks on a past hour and i am obliged to restart the widget.
    Thank you !